Why won't your body 

Lose Weight?

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Stefanie Edwards :: Weight Loss Commitment Coach

 Do you feel stuck with that unwanted weight? 

If you have felt like a victim to your own body – because no matter what you do, nothing seems to work...

And you feel stuck and miserable about your weight, which is super annoying because you're pretty awesome at lots of other things.

I understand you. I have been there too.

For more than 15 years I have struggled with my own weight. I haven't been under 200 pounds since 2010 and due to all the evidence I had that nothing worked and that my body must somehow be broken, I ended up feeling hopeless – thinking there was nothing I could do to get rid of the unwanted weight.

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How to reprogram your body to release weight 

And believe it is possible, even if nothing has worked in the past

What you will learn in this FREE training:

Discover how to reprogram your body to release the weight, support your goals, and empower you to live your best life. It's all connected -- when you discover how to activate your whole body and stop creating resistance that prevents you from dropping weight.

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Making Space For Something Different to Happen

If you have years of failed weight loss attempts you are likely struggling to believe you are even capable of losing weight -- much less reaching your dream goal and keeping it off. Let's talk about what it's going to take to imagine something different being possible for you, despite all the evidence you have of nothing working. 

Getting Your Whole Body to Say "YES!" to Your Desires

You have been through a lot and taken on a heavy burden of both physical and emotional weight throughout the years you have been unsatisfied with yourself. Offering healing to your whole body, allows you to release the judgment and tap into your full potential to finally become the woman who has your desired outcome. 

Creating Your Results and Learning to Trust Yourself

Whatever you focus on, your brain will find evidence to support you. Let me show you how -- positive or negative -- you will keep creating your results based on what you are thinking. This is going to open you up to new possibilities as you discover how you can trust yourself to make a goal and achieve it. 

25 Pounds Gone After 15 Years of Struggle

The pic you see here is the first full-length pic I've had of myself in quite a while. This is me celebrating being 20 pounds slimmer and so much more energized and confident. I've released an extra five pounds since then, and am right on track to keep improving.  

I'm already imagining what it will feel like to release 100 pounds total.

Check out the training series I made for you -- sharing how I did it and how it can be possible for you too (even if you're where I was feeling totally stuck and out of control of your results). 


Watch How I Did It and You Can Too!


And I struggled for over 15 years to get rid of my unwanted weight -- more than 100 pounds -- despite being pretty amazing in most other areas of my life. 

Can you relate?

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It's likely HOW you are approaching weight loss that is preventing you from achieving your goals. That's what the issue was for me.

For years, I sought assistance, tried multiple ways of eating and dieting, and never maintained the weight loss I desired. In fact, I just kept gaining -- hitting my peak at 278 pounds. My body was so tired and I was only 41 years young. 

There is so much I want for my life, but I felt entirely limited by my weight. Not just my appearance, but how exhausted I felt trying to do daily tasks.

It takes courage to keep seeking assistance and I am honored you are here.

I created this training for you, to share how I changed my perspective and regained my life by finally releasing the weight, boosting my energy, and growing my trust in myself. 


What are you afraid will happen?


 It won’t work for you

You doubt this will work because nothing else has 

You don’t know if your body is capable of losing weight 

You think there is something wrong with you 

You won’t work for it 

You don’t trust yourself to do the work and follow thru 

You don’t believe you will honor your commitment  

You have bought things and not used them

I know how both of these fears can keep you stuck and holding on to the weight. That's why I made you this training. There is another way. See if it's for you.

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Stefanie Edwards Weight Loss Commitment Coach