Wondering HOW to market your business?  

Think of marketing like dating.

It's all about attraction. 

When you are marketing yourself (unlike a big company), it takes personal confidence and trust in how awesome you are -- to really make consistent traction. When you start showing up with this authority in the marketplace, your attraction energy will draw in clients who want to work with you.

This is why you need to market yourself using a personalized marketing strategy and not a corporate approach that wastes your time, effort, and money. 

Are you ready to market yourself?

Just like in the dating scene, if you're not ready to "put yourself out there" and be vulnerable meeting new people, then it's not the right time. That's ok. Acknowledge where you're at and work from there. You know you are ready to market yourself when you trust your authority, and you feel excited to engage, knowing you are ready to help and create value in your market. 

Do you have a clear intention?

Once again we make a comparison to dating -- sometimes you're just interested in conversation and drinks, and sometimes you want to take it to the next level. Knowing your intention before you approach your marketing is going to guide the results you get because we manifest (create) our results from what we set our focus on. Setting a clear intention comes from trusting your authority. 

   The #1 area that will hold you back is judgment and comparison

 When you learn how to show up as YOU and share authentically with your own authority and energy -- marketing feels natural, easy, and fun! Just like talking to your friends -- instead of pitching your neighbor on buying wrapping paper for your school fundraiser. 

How should you market yourself?

Firstly, stop chasing the HOW, looking at how others are doing it, and comparing yourself to them. There is no one way or right way to market your business. But there is a way that will have you resisting taking action and there is an alternate -- better way -- that you can enjoy and stay committed to because it is in alignment with you. This is what we create in your personal marketing strategy session.

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What will I get from my Strategy Session?

During your session, we are creating your personal marketing strategy. This includes: 

  • A focus on your personal strengths, interests, and experience so you can practice fully embracing your leadership traits
  • Address the roadblocks preventing you from standing in your authority so you can increase your energy in your marketing 
  • Set a clear intention for how you want to move forward in your business 
  • Create your focused 90-day marketing strategy — organic and paid (if that’s what you want) 
  • Identify your core audience and what their needs are for working with you 
  • Outline your marketing message fundamentals — this is what you should be speaking in order to attract and engage your core audience 

At the end of your session, you will have more clarity and focus on your direction based on your authority in the market and how you will serve your core audience. You will also have a strategic plan built around you and where you are at in your business — so that you can begin naturally attracting your core audience. 


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