Are you only giving a half-hearted effort?

Season #1

When you don't have a solid all-in commitment you end up giving less than your best -- and that is creating less than stellar results for you.

This is a tough-love conversation that I feel so deeply right now and I have to call out as one of the most powerful reasons you are not getting what you want out of your business and life. 

When you are giving half-heartedly without full commitment, you are going to suffer.

You are not going to get the results you want.

And you are going to wonder what you did wrong, what isn’t good enough, what marketing strategy is left to try, etc. when all that was wrong was your focus. 


If your business is your commitment or you know what to figure out how to prioritize your commitment energy better and apply your strengths in full power, reach out. This is how I can help — when I have the space. I am limiting the days and times I work so I can pursue homeschooling my child with a greater purpose. I want to give 100% to him in that effort. And then I will give 100% to you but only in the space I can protect and find allowance for right now. 

During your strategy session, we will uncover your Human Design and help you find where your gifts are and where you are holding back your best life by staying in shadow energy. This is powerful and a huge revelation. You can apply this personally or towards your business. So no matter what you decide to focus on, this applies because this is about YOU. 


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