Tap into your authority

Season #1

When you are the business — things get personal

  • Your emotions are triggered 
  • Things gets emotional 

Because your nervous system is in freaking out when you are trying and doing new things you have never done before.

Your brain wants you to keep playing it safe and staying with things you have done before because that feels familiar and comfortable.

You are trying to press forward and this sends you into new areas of vulnerability, fear, frustration, awkwardness, etc. 

And this is why when you are the business — you have to turn your attention inward and find your own authority. 

  • Your own authority is what will help quiet your brain when it throws out doubtful thoughts and questions your every move.
  • Your own authority will listen to your emotional reactions and do the things needed to support your nervous system and protect the expansion of your upper limit. 
  • Your own authority will have trust in self and self-assurance that you are on the right course, that things feel aligned, and you are ready for the next step forward. 
  • Your own authority will figure it out and stay the course, not giving up and not giving into fear and frustration. 

How do you find and discover your own authority?

Begin by listening to this episode and then if you want more help, I am here to support you. 


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