Why do people want to work with you?

Season #1

Why do people want to work with you?

Can you answer these questions with confidence? 

  • Why do people want to work with you?
  • Why you and not someone else who offers something similar? 
  • What value do you offer that they can’t find elsewhere?

The power shift in your business comes when you learn how to stand in your own authority. 

They are not challenging questions in and of themselves. This is not a mystery that needs to be solved, and yet I am going to guess that there may be some hesitancy to answer these questions with a confident, bold proclamation. 

Why? Because we are often conditioned to not toot our own horn, to boast about our own accomplishments, and to say why we are better than others. 

We are taught to be humble and fit in with others, don’t make people feel less than by highlighting your strengths, etc. 

In today's episode, we are going to explore how conditioning is holding you back to normalize vs. learning how to express your superpowers and show up as your most authentic self. 


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