$97.00 USD

What's blocking your weight loss?

When eating healthy and working out doesn't lead to weight loss, what are you to do?

If you have been trying so hard to lose weight, and nothing you have tried has worked (or lasted), it's time to get to the root of why your body is not willing to release the weight. 

Your Personal Weight Loss Assessment is going to give you insights as to what's keeping you stuck. 

How it works:

During our private chat 

  • You answer some questions about what you have been doing to lose weight and how you feel about the process
  • Stefanie shares insights on your weight loss blocks -- the things that are stopping you from releasing the weight
  • You decide how you want to apply it in your life to make changes 

All conversations happen via zoom and are recorded if you wish to have a copy for reference.

Video will be turned off during our call to allow you privacy and focus as you explore your feelings. 

$97 one-time fee. No refunds. 

What People Are Saying:

Stefanie, you seriously have no idea how much I love you. Thank you for helping me.