Create More Abundant Manifestations

Mid-Year Manifestation Renewal 

Live Daily July 12th - 15th

Take an honest reflection on what has been blocking your manifestations, so you can finally manifest what you want in the second half of 2022.

Clarify Your Intention

Resolve Blocks & Limitations

Reaffirm Your Commitment

The Schedule

Day 1: Honest assessment of what you want for yourself 

What did you set as your intention at the start of the year that has yet to manifest? How were you committed to the outcome? We are going to unpack any issues around your intention that have stopped you from manifesting it in your life. 

Day 2: Reflect on the excuses and limitations that have interfered 

When you get honest with yourself you know the ways you haven’t kept your word to yourself or followed through with fully believing in your goal. We want to call out the excuses you have accepted and the limitations you have believed so we can heal those emotional triggers and get you aligned for greater prosperity. 

Day 3: Review your habits and routine 

Are you living a life that is in alignment with what you desire? So often there are things we do every day as a part of our daily routine that keeps us from going all-in on our desires. Let’s adjust and align your habits to help you become the person who has what you desire. 

Day 4: Commitment Ceremony 

Let’s reaffirm your commitment with clarity and confidence so you know where you are headed the rest of the year. Things can change dramatically when you commit 100% instead of giving half-hearted effort towards your dreams. 

Prove to yourself and the universe that your desires matter.

Go all in on your commitment to seeing them manifest in the second half of 2022! Join now. 

Investment: $22 

Value: Priceless -- depends entirely on what you are seeking to manifest -- which can be anything once you get clear and committed to your desires. 

All sales are final.

No refunds or exchanges. You got to come and do the work to experience the shift.  

$22.00 USD

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