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Marketing with a Workshop

Ready for more clients? Host a workshop and present some incredible value that solves your ideal clients' problem(s). Workshops are a great way to engage and give them an opportunity to get to know you.

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Marketing with a Quiz

Online quizzes are a great way to connect with more people and get them engaged in the idea you are sharing. Quizzes work really well on the front end of a funnel -- find out how it can work for you.

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Intro to Human Design

When you are the business, you can be emotionally triggered and held back by things from your past or what you beleive. Human Design helps you understand your strengths and how you can live into your full potential.

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Are you ready for more $$$?

This 5-day challenge delivers to your inbox and helps you think about what blocks you are creating on your path to earning more money - so you can release them and earn more!

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Discover how to get out of your own way and succeed!

With 20 years of marketing experience, I focus on using my expertise and strategic genius to help life and personal development coaches promote themselves. Because when you are the business, things get personal.

That's why I integrate Human Design into my marketing services so my clients get personalized support to address the emotional factors, conditioning, and feelings of lack that come up and threaten to keep them from taking action. 

You building a business using your personal skills is unlike marketing a product or service. Clients say YES to hiring you. Shouldn't your marketing be a reflection of you? Customized to work for you and light you up? I think it should. If you agree, reach out and we'll chat about how to help you grow.

Because you are the business

Discover and implement insights from your Human Design into your life and business for more effective results -- because you are the business!

Six weeks of personalized coaching and Human Design readings to help you stand in your strengths and achieve more in your business.  

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