What you will earn your first year in business

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One of the first hurdles you have to overcome in growing your business is allowing yourself to earn more than you were ever capable of earning as an employee. 

Consider that in the US, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the land of opportunity and endless income possibility, the average American wage in 2019 was $51,9156. That’s roughly $25 per hour. 

This means that after taxes and deductions you would most likely average a paycheck of about $1,487.86 every two weeks. 

So cash in hand — available to you each month is just shy of $3,000. 

That’s normal in America. And what a lot of people — maybe even you — are used to. 

This is why when we enter the world of running our own business so many of us get super excited to pick an income goal of earning $100,000 in one year. That seems amazing. And it’s an incredible increase in income — more than double what we had access to before (roughly $8,333 per month in earnings). 

There are plenty of people who are self-employed in all industries who can tell you $100,000 is easy and simple. But that is because they have already done it. They know what it takes to get there. They know how it feels to be that person earning that much and then some. 

You coming from the employee mindset…

You are someone who has been limited on what you can earn per hour…

You who has been told you can’t be paid more because the business can’t afford to pay you more…

You who has one perception of those at the employee level and another perception of those in upper management or ownership…

Is likely going to struggle with the idea of earning $100,000.

Even though you want it, it doesn’t likely feel possible for you (at least not yet). 

And one of the cardinal rules of being able to manifest something — to call something into existence for yourself — is being able to fully believe it is possible. 

If you don’t believe it is possible, it is never going to happen. 

If you have only ever had access to $3,000 per month as an employee — that’s the same as feeling capable of earning $3,000 per month working on your own. Even though it’s not the same value earning money on your own vs. earning money from a salary, that’s all your mind can accept and know so far. 

So if you are on your own earning $3,000 per month because you believe it is possible for you to earn that much money — that’s $36,000 per year. 


So learning how to earn your first $36,000 on your own at a rate you can fully embrace and embody is a big deal!

Can you accept that? 

Can you appreciate what you have to go through to change and adjust as you are switching from employee mindset to self-employed, leadership energy? 

Give yourself the space and time. 

When I made the switch I had gone from $60,000 per year or knowing what it feels like to bring home $3,600 per month. I knew I was capable of earning that much again. 


So when I started my own business — guess how much I made in my first year?



Know what that averages out to each month? $3,600. 

Do you think that is a coincidence? 

Not at all. 


That is just what my mind knew how to make.

What I believed was possible for me. 

I simply manifested what I believed in. 


Take time and let this lesson sink in. 

This is crazy powerful and so eye-opening once you realize how you are operating. 

This is why I heavily encourage you to get in touch with yourself — the more you know about yourself and where you are coming from, the more you can acknowledge where your strengths and vulnerabilities are. 

This is required par for the course, so you can create the results you want when you learn how to meet yourself where you’re at and give yourself what you specifically need to thrive. 

This is how I help my clients. 


Helping you to know more about yourself. 

Helping you to create your first year’s income in a way that fits you — not someone else’s model or belief system. 

Helping you acknowledge and empower your strengths.


This is how I help my clients grow their business. 



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