The Difference Between You and the Wealthy: Wealth Consciousness

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Whether you're launching a new business or trying to consistently grow your existing one, you may find yourself caught between two conflicting ideas:


  1. Hard work is required to succeed, and
  2. Wealthy people work fewer hours and take long breaks to enjoy life


The reason these two ideas seem in conflict with each other is that you are viewing them as an outside observer seeking wealth, vs. being someone who is creating actual wealth.


The reality is that neither lots of hard work, nor long periods of rest and reflection, will alone guarantee greater wealth.


I know because in addition to attempting both methods myself, I have worked with clients on both ends of the spectrum. Those who are working long days on lots of activities but generating little to no income. And those who are taking extended breaks and days off to rest their mind and body and restore the “flow” have also struggled to create continuous income.


Why is there such a disconnect between the have and have nots, if they are doing similar patterns in how they work?


Because it is not the amount of time and effort you work that creates wealth, but it is all in how you believe.


The key to accumulating true wealth lies in developing your wealth consciousness.


New coaches often have the idea that establishing a business will involve a lot of hard work. While dedication is crucial, effort alone won't lead to success. Especially if the activities you are working on are not effective.


The essential element is your focus -- a byproduct of your wealth consciousness.


A clear focus for your business involves knowing what you want and being resolute in your belief in achieving it.


On the flip side, some individuals will try to emulate successful leaders by mimicking their work patterns.


Unfortunately, working fewer hours – like the 4 or 6-hour workweek of the uber-successful -- or taking extended breaks often results in procrastination and ineffectiveness for those just starting their journey.


So, where's the discrepancy?


The difference between a budding entrepreneur and a successful millionaire isn't about the work schedule or the amount of "hard work" they invest. The discrepancy lies in their level of wealth consciousness.


Wealth consciousness is an individual's unique perception of wealth – their identity around creating, having, spending, and sharing wealth. It's their paradigm for how they receive and welcome it into their life.


I spent the early years of my career working tirelessly, believing money was on the other side of some unforeseen obstacle I had yet to conquer.


I would read books about successful entrepreneurs and try to mimic their approaches to achieving wealth. Anytime I met someone earning what I considered to be a substantial amount of money I was always asking what they did and how they did it. I was forever seeking an external answer and trying to model my “doing” to be like that of someone else.


This is because just working harder, or just “doing” the things that others are doing is not going to yield the same results. It is never just about the “work.” There are lots of people working a lot harder than some millionaires, but are nowhere near the level of financial success.


Their focus, activities, and energy operate from a vastly different level of consciousness, which in turn, attracts or produces different results.


To build wealth, it's crucial to work on your current paradigms to shift and expand your wealth consciousness.


As a coach, you understand the power of your thoughts. But as a coach creating a business, do you truly understand the impact of your mindset on the results you create?


This is why I offer personal strategy sessions and supportive consulting. Together, we clarify your goals, create a focused action plan, and address the mindset you bring to your work.


The confusion, fear, and procrastination you encounter often stem from a lack of a clear plan. When you're confident in your plan and believe in its effectiveness, follow-through becomes easier.


Doubting your niche, message, or abilities only deepens the well of indecision, fear, and inaction. Breaking this negative cycle involves establishing a new course with renewed focus.


That's what we accomplish together during our one-day strategy sessions and ongoing consulting.


The process I take you through sets my service apart from standard programs and courses because everything I do is tailored to work around you. We explore your brain and subconscious, creating a custom plan for your business vs. using a one-size-fits-all method.


When you are ready to create your unique path to business success, focus on unlocking your wealth consciousness with clear goals and a plan of action. They will help support your expansion into wealth consciousness as you remove the doubt, fear, and procrastination.


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