Why your brain hurts from making decisions 

business building coaching decision making decisions decisive action working for yourself Jun 07, 2022

 Have you been experiencing days and even weeks in your business where your brain hurts and feels exhausted from having to make decisions?

And then it becomes even harder to concentrate in your personal life because others want you to make even more decisions. 

— where do you want to go eat? 

— what’s for dinner?

— what are you doing this weekend? 


There are so many decisions to be made when you are in your life and business. 

And sometimes you can feel totally overwhelmed with having to decide. 


Decision-making can be exhausting if you are approaching decisions from one of these three approaches:

  1. making all of the decisions from their brain 
  2. turning to others to help make the decisions
  3. stalling on making decisions and getting stuck in indecision 


Your brain is an amazing supercomputer. I love my brain and the capacity it has to take in new information, process through it, store it, and offer ideas. 

But did you know the brain is not your best tool for making decisions? 


Your body is the best source for decision-making because your body holds your intuition and guiding energy. When you tap into your mind-body-spirit connection you enable a more powerful, efficient, and reliable stream of decision making. 

There is so much more we could discuss your body and spirit intelligence but that’s for a deeper conversation and something we cover in great length inside of the first month of Activate Bootcamp. 

For now, know that your brain feels tired because it is tired and there is a better way you can start making decisions that relieve the pressure from your brain and give you more reliable direction on what steps to take next. 


The second issue coaches and new business owners make when it comes to decisions is giving away their power to someone else. 

I have been hired many times to come in and help a new coach launch their business. It’s a wonderful journey and a time of making many decisions because everything is so fresh and new. The struggle here is that often times I have found them asking me o

Once upon a time, I showed up to a brainstorming session with a potential client. I went into the call with the assumption of discussing what needed to be done and then jumping on a private chat with the owner to discuss how I could be of service. Because at this point, we were not under contract. She came to the call with a different objective. She was so relieved to have someone to help her with the business that she attempted to turn the call over to me and asked me to give the team direction. 

I have a strong leadership presence and others look to me for answers. I get that. That's my strategic nature. 

But, as of this moment, I am not your business partner. 

I am your coach, mentor, strategist, idea generator, etc. 


The decisions still need to be made by you — the business owner. 

Think about where you might be turning to someone else to guide your decisions and help you decide what you should do next. Those are areas where you are giving away your power. 

It is time to take back the reigns if you have released them and practice making your own decisions. 

Why is decision-making so important? 

Because learning how to make a decision for yourself and stand behind it to fruition, no matter the result — is how you learn how to trust yourself as the business owner. 

You become stronger and more empowered in your ability to decide the more you practice it. 

This is why we put so much emphasis in month one of the Activate Bootcamp addressing the things that get in the way of you being able to make consistent decisions and follow thru. This is an embodiment process we have to offer healing and support around so you can step into being the best decision-maker for your business. 


With that in mind, it sets us up for the third mistake people make about decisions. 

Getting stuck in indecision 

You can end up in indecision because you stall out in thinking about the options and run your mind through endless hypothetical what-if scenarios. Often times those are quite negative and your brain finds so many problems and issues to address, that you start stumbling on trying to solve things that aren’t even relevant to the decision that needs to be done at this moment. 

You can also end up in indecision because of avoidance. You just keep putting it off and avoiding taking action. And yes, making a decision is a form of action-taking. When you are running your own business, you have to be in a steady flow of action taking, or else you are stalling out rather than staying in momentum. 



If you want to build powerful momentum, make a decision and stick with it.

Trust yourself in the decision you made and follow thru. Don’t get all wishy-washy after you make a decision and end up second-guessing and ultimately back in indecision and inaction. 

This is why you make a clear decision and follow a plan of action every single day of the 90-day challenge inside of The Activate Bootcamp because we are going to exercise your ability to make decisions and follow thru on keeping your word to yourself. 

This is what builds up and turns you into the most awesome business owner. 


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