What makes you awesome and worthy of hiring?

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what makes you awesome and worthy of hiring?

When you are the business — meaning you are what customers say yes or no to — your approach to running a business, doing your marketing, needs to begin with you.


Why do people want to work with you?

Can you answer these questions with confidence? 

  • Why do people want to work with you?
  • Why you and not someone else who offers something similar? 
  • What value do you offer that they can’t find elsewhere?

The power shift in your business comes when you learn how to stand in your own authority.


These are not challenging questions in and of themselves. This is not a mystery that needs to be solved, and yet I am going to guess that there may be some hesitancy to answer these questions with a confident, bold proclamation. 

Why? Because we are often conditioned to not toot our own horn, to boast about our own accomplishments, and to say why we are better than others. 

We are taught to be humble and fit in with others, don’t make people feel less than by highlighting your strengths, etc. 

In some way, shape, or form many of us have been conditioned to not show off the best sides of ourselves, our natural strengths, and superpowers because it upset someone else who was not good in that area. Someone else felt less than, for whatever reason, which caused you to learn how to hold back. 


I have personally experienced this and seen multiple examples in our culture and traditional school model where doing things like others — is the norm. One example that comes to mind was how I was trained to be a life coach. I went through a robust certification program. I loved the experience and learned so much that I still implement it in my practice. But one thing that struck me from the start was how we were all taught and evaluated on our ability to follow the model taught within this program. So long as we could show evidence of how we could take a client through this particular process we were granted certification. Without seeming like I am casting judgment here because I am honestly trying not to, I witnessed an array of coaches, some seriously confident and naturally gifted move forward along with some who were just winging it to get by and keep pace with the program. Yet everyone received the same final result — certification as a life coach, so long as they could pass these basic requirements. 


The thing that triggered me and made me consider how I wanted to show up in the world, was how throughout this training program, personal customization based on your natural talents and strengths were not highlighted or even necessary for graduation. The important thing needed to graduate was to make sure you had mastered the basic info and could effectively guide someone using the coaching model taught by the school. One of my natural strengths is being able to sink into a conversation with you and hear what you are saying so that my inner wisdom can guide me to ask you questions that challenge you. I challenge my clients. Not in a pushing and stubborn way, but in a way that makes them look at things differently. This comes naturally to me because I am a big picture thinker with a clear sense of direction. I can see your strengths and delight in helping you remove the doubts and confusion that are holding you back. I have witnessed time and time again how I can do this for my clients in ways that they have never experienced before. 


But this was something I had to finesse on my own and seek private support for because a traditional educational program is not customizing the approach to craft these super skills out of you. 

This is why I have rebelled against the traditional school model. It doesn’t create the most amazing results because standards are based on what will accommodate the majority of students and give everyone a basic level of knowledge. The traditional school model is not made to help you strengthen your natural abilities and superpowers. Just learn the basic subjects, prove your base competency in them, and move on to the next core fundamentals we have deemed necessary. 


Have you witnessed this for yourself? 

How does that make you feel? 


For me, I am so done with being conditioned to be normal and average. 

How about you? 

I want to release the conditioning that has been imposed on me and stand in my own natural strengths, igniting what makes me great as a unique individual? 

How about you? 


I do not want to be like everyone else. I do not want to live a traditional life where I just show up and do my work, day in and day out, keeping the peace, and paying my bills, raising my family, biding my time until I die. 


This is not the existence I am called to live and I do not want to live a mundane life. 

How about you? 


If you want more for yourself...

if you want to tap into what your purpose is and how you and only you can fulfill it using your unique superpowers, serving your clients in the way that only you can, I challenge you to release the conditioning holding you back. 

Reach out to me and schedule a strategy session. This is about so much more than setting up your 90-day marketing plan, this is about acknowledging and honoring your superpowers. We are going to help you connect with yourself and build your business around your natural strengths. I use my own intuition and wisdom to help guide our session along with integrating Human Design and Universal Law. You don’t have to understand either of those resources at this point because I will break it down to introduce them in a specific way for your unique personality and business. 

At the end of our session, you will walk away with a deeper sense of who you are and how you can keep releasing the conditioning that has been holding you back and start showing up with your own authority to attract clients to you. This is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself when you are in the business. Because this is personal. People are saying yes or no to you as an individual — don’t you think it’s important you know what makes you shine above all others? What attracts people to choose you? 

Go back and answer these reflection questions as soon as you can. Doing any more marketing in your business without having a solid foundation in who you are and what makes you awesome, is a waste of effort and money. 


Get clear on your awesomeness — book a strategy session with me now and start standing in your power! 

Visit stefanieedwards.com/strategy-session to sign up today. 

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