When you sound like somebody else

being an authority life coaching sharing information Jan 30, 2022

Have you found yourself learning a lesson — something that you needed and you are super excited about — but instead of hanging on to this lesson for yourself and honestly processing it, figuring out how you want to apply it — you rush to share this insight with someone else?


The entire year I was in coach certification, I kept learning new concepts and immediately turning around to post them on social media. 


There were three major downfalls from this experience: 

  1. My messaging kept changing as I kept sharing on different topics and this was confusing to my followers.

  2. My voice was not my own. 
    I wasn’t leading from my own authority on topics I felt secure about. I was sharing as a student without confident energy. 

  3. I was giving away what was meant for me. 
    I need to take time and process the new insights and apply them in my own life. If later, I felt led to share from a place of personal experience and insight, then it would matter. But just sharing someone else’s words did not connect and excite people to engage with me. 


As a result of all this misaligned effort, I ended the first year as a life coach frustrated that I wasn’t growing my business the way I wanted. Because I wasn’t sharing as an authority. 


I hadn’t been around the info enough to really embody it and make it my own. I needed more time to just be a coach and accept these teachings into my life. 


When it came to sharing in my own unique way — from my personal authority — my energy about it was much stronger and it connected with my ideal audience. 


Because they needed to hear from me as the authority, not as the student regurgitating someone else’s content. 


Has this been a stumbling block for you? 

Now is the perfect time to pause, reflect, and correct if so. 

So you can stand in your own authority. 


Need help owning your authority, improving your energy, and manifesting better results? Reach out and I can show you how to make the necessary shifts to grow your business in your authentic way. 

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