You just don't know how (yet!)

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don't judge yourself for what you don't know

If you knew how to do it, you would. 

You would provide for yourself what was needed to have what you want to have. 

But even though you may have some ideas, some perspective of what is possible, you don’t yet — have the answer or the capacity for how you will do it. 


You don't know what you don't know. 

And there is nothing wrong with that unless:

  1. You judge yourself for not knowing or being what you have yet to discover 
  2. You punish yourself for not having what you want and give up 


Let me give you a non-business example to demonstrate this concept. 

When I was growing up I suffered from extreme constipation and painful bowls. 

This caused a lot of stomach issues and discomfort. Coming from a family that has similar issues and even medically diagnosed conditions, my family assumed I was presenting with these issues and took me to the doctor for help. The doctor could find nothing medically wrong with me and sent me home with no solution. My parents didn’t know what to do. And I myself had no clue. There was no frame of reference for me to even understand my body. I was a young teen, I wasn’t even aware yet of doing my own research and Google didn’t exist. 


Years of suffering persisted. 

And it was not until I was about in my late 20’s that I started to expand my awareness to discover new ways of eating, living, and thriving. That medicine could be natural and not from a pill or surgery. I started to seek out new ways of caring for my body and exploring proactive actions to take care of myself. The more I learned the more I applied, and the more impact I felt in my body. I would adjust to that level of understanding and then pursue more and keep applying. When I turned 30 we moved cities and I found a new holistic practitioner who introduced me to a vegan cleanse. This experience alone challenged me in powerful ways – from resisting for months because I thought it might kill me, to extending my boundaries and discovering new capacities for health and wellness. The journey continued. 

I am happy to report I have none of the issues I grew up with anymore. 


My body operates with ease and flow because I have completely transformed how I nourish and care for my body. No medicine or surgery was needed. It all came from natural practices. 

  • But 13-year-old me had no clue. 
  • Neither did 21-year-old me. 
  • I have no judgment or shame for those early stages. 


I knew what I wanted — to not have stomach issues and to be able to poop. 

But it took creating the awareness and understanding for me to be able to apply and reap the reward. 


There was also a big mental shift that I had to undertake. 

Because I had grown up only knowing one way of eating and believing as my family believed, I had to work on expanding my range of possibilities. Mentally and emotionally, I had to become the person who could accept this new way of living and be open to it. 

This is the process of becoming. 

  • It is always more than just doing something. 
  • It is about being open and ready to accept something new. 
  • It is about being an energetic match for what you desire. 


So who do you want to be?

What do you want to have? 

State it clearly and attach it to it. 


  • Now, are you open to exploring how that can come into your life?
  • Are you open to finding what is possible for you? 
  • Discovering or revealing what is currently outside of your frame of reference? 

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