Committing to The Challenge

May 19, 2023
Committing to The Challenge Blog

On my morning hike, I choose to turn left and take a more advanced trail, one with a steep path that was about a 70-degree incline, with uneven, rocky, and muddy terrain.


This was a big challenge for my body – physically and mentally. But I have decided to start putting myself in situations that challenge me and ask me to choose between comfort and settling for what is. I am making more choices that challenge me and produce growth.


Turning left for this more aggressive trail, left me breathless with a thumping heart, but as I wiped the sweat from my brow, I felt the delight of having pushed myself and proven what I was capable of.


This experience also reminded me of how we handle the honoring of commitments in our lives.    


The Four Approaches to Commitment 

First, we may look at the “path” and decide it is too much and we’re not up for the challenge. We may just turn the other way and choose to do something easier.


The second option is we start up the pathway but as it becomes more challenging we give in to our feelings – which typically want something easier -- and say we’ll save the hard stuff for another day.


Thirdly, we take on the challenge like a fight and we wrestle against our feelings to get to the top. We may rest at some point in the journey – maybe even close to the finish -- exhausted and drained and make the assumption that the remainder of the way will be too much, so we turn around and return back to safer terrain.


Now before you say, “No way” to the third option, I want you to think about how many times in your life you have missed out on something you wanted. Even just look around at how many people are living sub-par or average lives rather than extraordinary ones.


All of these are examples of people who in one way or another, tried and didn’t make it all the way to their destination. They gave up at some point along the journey, even almost to the destination, and didn’t complete the goal.


The final option is about supporting yourself in the journey. You don’t let failure become an option. You stay focused on seeing yourself at the destination (having achieved the goal).


I made it to the top of the trail on my hike because I stayed focused on being at the top.


I knew it was a done deal, and I took the pressure off myself of how long it would take. I had been there once years ago, and I had a picture in my mind of what it would look like today and what I would be doing once I made it there (this is visualization).


I succeeded because I stayed committed and removed the idea of giving up. There was only one option – getting up to the peak.


I wonder about the challenges you are taking on.

Have you set a clear target in mind to guide you?

And have you gone all in on your commitment – enough to remove all possibility of giving up?


Value Insight

In closing, I share this passage with you from “177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class.”


Champions are comfortable with being uncomfortable because they have grown so accustomed to risk that feelings of vulnerability almost seem natural. Champions don’t even begin to pay attention until they feel pain, which they expect to feel on a regular basis.



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