Are you available to enjoy the journey?

Jul 05, 2022

Are you in it JUST for the outcome or...

Are you open to enjoying the journey?

Most of the time we don’t achieve our desired results because we have so much resistance to making the journey. We want the final outcome but we don’t want to do the work or go through the process of becoming who we need to be in order to achieve the desired outcome.


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When I turned 40 people kept telling me over and over that it was just a matter of time now before parts of me started hurting, failing, weakening, etc.


I even had an eye doctor tell me that my vision was just going to get worse from here on out. What? That is not what I want to hear and definitely not what I want to believe for myself.

I didn’t like any of the negative talk people were saying to me and I decided something had to be different — thus something was going to be different.


I decided things need to change. 

So I started a daily commitment to working out, eating to a meal plan I could sustain, and hydrating well. I add in emotional and subconscious work to heal inner wounds and help me keep growing. I did the work and it transformed me. 



Because I was falling in love with the journey. 

I didn’t just want the outcome, but I was seriously enjoying the process of getting there.


Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally — I grew stronger and more capable. 

I learned to enjoy myself more doing these things that became second nature. I looked forward to them and how they would make me feel. 

And as a result, after over a decade of only gaining weight, I lost my first 10 pounds. I was moving better without getting winded and tired from basic activities. I was keeping up with my son better. And this was only after my first two months and a loss of 10 pounds. Because I know it is not just about those numbers, there is stuff happening inside of me making me better. 

This is what you cannot even imagine for yourself until you go through it. 


Your body will reveal to you what you are capable of and impress you in ways you didn’t know were possible – if you allow yourself to enjoy the journey. 

I plan my day around my workouts and never make excuses for them not happening. I have time I work on my business because I love it and the time I spend reading and writing every day. I don’t stop these things because it is not something I have to do or am obligated to keep up with, I did these things because I delight in them. I enjoy the journey.  

Do you? 

Are you ready for something to change in your life so you can hit your results because you fall in love with the journey and find delight in becoming who you need to be to have what you want? 

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