Falling victim to limitations

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Falling victim to limitations

One of the most hindering things you can do in your business is fall victim to limitation.


Here are some examples:

Limiting beliefs — things you think and believe that hold you back

Limitations on possibility — not having an open mind to new avenues  

Limitations on yourself — not trusting and believing in your own capability 

Limits of allowance — finding roadblocks and hinderances because you think you are not allowed or won’t be granted favorable permission 


For Your Reflection:

Consider ways in which you have put limitations on what you can do, earn, share, say, be, do, or have. Limitations can pop up in all areas of life and business both consciously and unconsciously. 


You are caught in limitation when:

— you are overly reliant on rules and regulated structure to advise you and grant you permission to be/do/have 

— you are hindered by what you can do based on what has been done in the past 

— you have bought into a systemized way of thinking or doing despite it not making sense to you (think the traditional school model that restricts the movement of active children and strives to homogenize their behavior and learning process) 


Insight from The Human Design Experiment:

The 60th shadow of limitation - keeps human trapped in the “box” of their existence. Failing to explore, be unpredictable, spontaneous, and challenge the “norm” or structural law of society imposed upon us. 

Whereas the limitation of the 60th shadow will prevent anything original and fresh from happening, the imagination and creativity the 6/2 pursues with fierce passion can help cast the vision by which others can attach. 


Who can help you overcome limitations in your business? 

The 6/2 (Human Design profile) is a great guide for those caught in limitation. The innate need of the 6/2 to have change and spontaneity in life, to live free of having to repeat the same routine day in and day out, and to challenge the “norm”, opens up possibility for others to break free of their limitations. 


Personal Note:

As a 6/2 I lived most of my foundational years conditioned and regulated by those who needed normalcy and regularity. In many ways, I felt trapped and out of sorts with my environment and those around me. I saw things differently and wanted change, but in my youth didn’t know how to express that or break out from the “box” I had been dealt.

My 20’s was a decade spent modeling others, setting up house and family much like it had been modeled to me. And it wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I finally started to challenge the way things were done. When I felt like I couldn’t breathe or function another day under this restraint. 

This is normal for 6/2s. We experiment and trial and error things in the first phase of our life, taking in what works and doesn’t, learning from it, and figuring out how to do it better. This is what enables us to embrace change and implement from a greater vision of what can be if only we would not limit ourselves.

I share all this because I found many ways to break from of the society norms and conditional limitations imposed in my life, and continually work to release even more. This is work I am familiar with and advocate for on a regular basis with my coaching clients.

Because until you can break free from your conditioned “box” you cannot explore the fullness of which life has to offer you.  


Ways I have broken free of limitations by embracing my strengths as a 6/2: 

  1. I felt repelled by the traditional work model in our culture and strove to launch my own business. Money wasn’t even the main objective. It was about establishing my own way of living that granted me greater freedom.

  2. I challenged the way I had been conditioned to think about motherhood to give myself more grace and freedom instead of feeling tied to do things just because others said it was supposed to be that way. 

  3. I challenged the effectiveness of the American traditional school model at both the primary and collegiate level. I quit my job as a professor because I no longer support the college model as the most effective way of educating and preparing our youth for the workforce.

    And I removed my intelligent, creative, and energetic child from elementary school rather than force him to conform to a model that did not work for him (or me as his mother). 


Final comments from my perspective:

In all these ways, I did not protest or rebel against the existing model.

I simply withdrew to internally reflect and process how I wanted to proceed.

I have also released judgment against myself and others for limits imposed in my life. 


How have you felt the strain of limitations in your business? 

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