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business building growing your business law of polarity universal law Feb 08, 2022

For every up there is a down 

For every right there is a left 

For every birth there is a death 

For every creation there is destruction 


There is an opposite to everything — including how we feel, think, and behave. 

We can be frugal or spend lavishly. 

We can think negative or positive. 

We can feel well or horrible. 


To apply this law to your business consider that for every struggle there is a solution. 


The premise of this was so apparent to me the other day when my son entered the kitchen and showed me that his father had bought his a box of hot chocolate. He was excited and announced that he was going to make himself a mug of hot chocolate. He then set down the box went to his father’s Keurig coffee maker lifted up the top and removed the coffee container. He then turned back to the box and was startled to find white packets inside the box. He pulled one out, looked at it, looked at the machine and then turned to me and asked, “Does this go in this machine?” 


“No,” I replied. 


“Then I don’t know how to make,” he said. “I guess I won’t have hot chocolate then.” 


At which he turned and left the kitchen, completely abandoning his desire to have hot chocolate. 


His reaction with the hot chocolate packet was so awesome because he immediately gave up and shut down the idea of the hot chocolate because he only saw the problem. 


And in focusing so heavily on the problem, he completely missed the other side, that there in that very moment, a solution was also available. 


This is how it works – the opposite is always available at the exact same time. 


So if you are having lack currently, that means that at this time there is also abundance available, you are just not aware of it. 


Just like he wasn’t aware of how to work the packet of hot chocolate. 


I could see the solution because I wasn’t trapped by his same limited perspective. 

But rather than ask for help, he gave up and walked away. 


So I challenge you to pause and consider, if you are missing solutions to your challenges. Is it possible to open your mind and consider that a solution exists? I’m not asking for you to know the solution, but just to be open to a solution being possible.


Can you accept that if a solution does exist — even if you cannot see it yet — can you be open to the universe revealing it to you?


Getting to this stage gets you so much closer to being able to identify streams of income and resources to support you on your journey. 

It gets you closer to being  able to set an intention and go all in on asking the universe to reveal the solution, to provide the means to have what you desire. 


Are you ready to ask for help? 

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