When you don’t take full responsibility for your results

business building concious mind earning more money money subconcious mind Feb 01, 2022

Consider your current money / income status. 


Fill in the blank with what prevents you from earning money right now in your life.


I am incapable or unable of earning more money because of __________. 

  • This can be related to the family you have been born or married into.  
  • The soci-economic level you are currently at. 
  • The education or experience you have or have not acquired. 
  • Where you live or work. 
  • The current state of the culture or economy.


All of these things are just circumstances. 

They only control you if you let them. 


One of the worst things you can do to prevent more money from coming into your life is to give up control to a circumstance.  


When you don’t take full control over your life, you end up falling victim to the circumstances in your life.


You must learn to take full responsibility for your life and your relationship with money if you are going to change the how the circumstances impact you. 


Here’s how you know circumstances have no control over you: no matter what part of America you were raised in, no matter how “bad” the circumstances, there has been someone who has had it just as “hard” and has risen above. Children of abuse. Children of poverty. Children of prejudice and injustice. Children of shame and blame. Children of disappointment and setbacks. 


There is nothing you cannot do if you can change your perspective to see opportunity instead of seeing only limitations and setbacks. 


But here’s the catch, your conscious mind (what you are aware of) only knows how to do and repeat what it has done before. It only knows what is possible based on past experiences and observed behaviors. So if you want to be able to do something you have never done before you have to be able to seek help from someone who can show you a new way and open you up to new possibilities or you have to be able to connect with your subconscious mind and explore a new realm of possibility from your higher authority. 


It begins by being willing to take full responsibility (that alone is something different) and try doing things differently than you have witnessed and done them before.



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