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Would you like to start manifesting more abundance in the second half of 2022?

You can apply what you learn to any area of your life, whether for business or pleasure. 

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Stefanie Edwards Manifesting Generator and Life Coach

The Mid-Year Manifestation Renewal is for you if you are ready to:

  • Honestly look at what’s been blocking your manifestations from becoming a reality
  • Get clear about what you want to create and make a commitment to it becoming a reality in your life 
  • Remove the limiting way you have been thinking, feeling, and operating that has been stopping your manifestations from coming through 
  • Understand the inner work you need to achieve in order to fully activate your whole being — mind, body, and spirit — to join you in the manifestation experience
  • Raise your confidence to manifest anything into you life by developing the inner activation that makes you a match for your desires

The journey to manifesting more begins with Y-O-U

As a Manifesting Generator and Certified Life Coach, I have had the experience of working on myself and clients to activate their full existence — mind, body, and spirit — so that they are ready and available to manifest their desires. 

Because far too often, we hold ourselves back from committing to what we really want. We fail to believe it is possible for ourselves because we judge and limit what we can have. 


After experiencing The MidYear Manifestation Renewal you will be…

  • Able to identify what limitations having been blocking your manifestations from happening
  • Clear on what you really want to create with an unwavering commitment 
  • Aware of the inner work you need to activate your whole body -- mind, body, and spirit -- to fully support your manifestations 
  • More confident of your potential to manifest

Ever feel less capable of achieving something because of who you are, where you live, or what kind of money you currently have in the bank?

Discover how to stop limiting what is possible for you!


The Manifestation Renewal Experience will help you reset and reclaim your desires and save you countless hours of studying how to manifest, researching methods, and searching for answers when you don’t get the results you want. We cut through to the heart of manifesting and give you the core elements you need to get started immediately. 

You will leave the live workshop with a deeper awareness of yourself, your desires, and what you need to do to manifest different results the rest of 2022.

This training is LIVE daily for about 30 minutes each day beginning at 10 AM CST. Replays will be provided.

What You'll Discover In The Manifestation Renewal Experience:

Tuesday, July 12th 

Get honest about what you want 

Seems like it should be simple to express what you really want, and yet sometimes we struggle -- to get clear and own our own desires (for a host of reasons we will explore)

  • How clear and connected are you to your heart's desire?
  • Is there a commitment to seeing it coming into reality for you? 

  •  What do you really want that you aren't yet allowing yourself to manifest? 

Wednesday, July 13th

Find the limitations that have interfered

We want to call out the excuses you have accepted and the limitations you have believed so we can heal those emotional triggers and get you aligned for greater prosperity. 

  • In what ways are you limiting what is possible for you?
  • What emotions are triggered when you think about your future?
  • Discover the inner healing and full body activation that can transform you
Thursday, July 14th 

Discover how your daily habits are impacting your manifestations

So often there are things we do every day as a part of our daily routine that keeps us from going all-in on our desires. 

  • How to live your life in alignment with your future self 

  • How to uplevel your manifestations with daily commitments 

  • How to tap in daily to all that your body has to offer you -- full body activation

Friday, July 15th

Commit to your desires

Let’s reaffirm your commitment with clarity and confidence so you know where you are headed the rest of the year. 

  • How to go all in on your desire instead of half-hearted effort 

  • How to stick to your commitment without wavering 

  • Why the "test" is a part of the process to manifesting your desire

The MidYear Manifestation Renewal  will help you...

  • Make a decision and go all-in on what you want without wavering 
  • Commit to your desire until you see it come to fruition 
  • Understand the important of activating your full body -- mind, body, and spirit -- to support you
  • Create thoughts on purpose that drive you forward and ward off the interference from others and "tests"
  • Discover what is possible for you when you release the self-imposed limitations 

Stefanie Edwards

Looking back at the first 40 years of my life I can so many ways I created my results by what I believed -- so much of it limiting. But it wasn't until I learned to think on purpose and focus in on my true desires, that I discovered how to manifest without limitations.

I am a naturally born Manifesting Generator, a certified life and leadership coach, who took my 21+ years of marketing experience and created a system to help new and aspiring soloprenuers create more for their life and business using manifestation. I teach you how to manifest better results by taking control of your thoughts and behaviors. Because it all comes back to Y-O-U, and what you believe for yourself. 

"Stefanie, you seriously have no idea how much I love you. Thank you. I am so grateful for you."

- Beth, Life Coach

"Holy crap – that was a growth experience. Thank you for challenging me in this way. Aye, aye, aye. So many emotions."

- Brit, Life Coach

"Just had my strategy session with Stefanie and it was a total game-changer for my mindset. Thank you for helping me grow."

- Andrea, Mindset Coach










The MidYear Manifestation Renewal 

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  • Worksheets for application  


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  • Full access to the live training and recordings plus:

  • 60-minute activation call with Stefanie the week following the event -- ask your questions and discuss your journey


We are going to have a powerful time together via our live sessions. I am unleashing the insight of years of study, application, and personal discovery for you -- there is no taking that back once I give it to you -- thus no refunds. You commit to this experience and give it 100% effort -- that is the only way this is going to take root and be applied in your life. You will have access to the recordings and worksheets after the event that you can review and process as needed for additional application.