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You have what someone else craves -- if only you would stop doubting your power

It's what makes you unique and special -- your natural hard-wiring and super strengths, that's what people want to more of. 
They want it from you because it fills a need in their life. 
When you can meet someone where they are – "open" and seeking in life – where they can benefit from your strengths, they will want to work with you. 
So stop putting yourself down that you're not doing it like someone else or you don't have the ability someone else does.
We don't need another duplicate of them.
We need YOU! 
Stefanie Edwards

Grabbing the attention of your ideal client and gaining consistent traction in your business begins when you start showing up in your full power. 

• stop shying away from voicing your truth -- the way you see it 

• stop hesitating in how you show up because they will sense your weariness as weakness and not hire you

• own your natural superpowers that create amazing value when used to help your clients -- this is what they want and need from you

This is how you start showing up as your best self and growing your business

The three steps to taking ownership of your power and authority

What uncovering your human design provides you

Awareness & Acceptance 

This is the process of uncovering who you are and embracing your natural hard-wiring and superpowers. We use the process of Human Design to help you connect with who you are. This is the process of discovery and learning, becoming aware and accepting of your natural abilities. 

Grant Yourself Permission

Believe it or not, you have been conditioned throughout your life. Maybe to suppress your voice, hold back on your skills, limit your full potential. You'll have to give yourself permission to live life on your terms and accept change as you start to honor yourself. 

Embrace and Embody Your Worth

We all are designed with natural strengths and areas of growth and vulnerability. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can really start to really believe in and ask for your true worth. You allow yourself to show up all in, all you without worrying about what others will think. 

Stop trying to do it like someone else...

You are worthy to start living life fully YOU


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How we can work together

Build your business using your unique gifts and strengths 

Your human design discoveries help to guide your direction

Guided Human Design Intensive

When you ready to uncover your natural hard-wiring and tap into your strengths using Human Design. We meet for a four hour intensive in which we unpack your human design chart and show you how your natural human design is set up to empower you and help you make decisions for your life and business. We end our time with a goal-setting session.

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Apply for Coach Talk 

Open only to those who have done the investigative work of tapping into their human design, we meet weekly for private sessions to help you unpack the direction you want to grow your business. This is where we unite your human design strategy and authority with your goals to create the business you desire. 

Application available after guided session

Enjoy a Workshop

Monthly workshops cover various topics related to understanding Human Design and how it can help you. Workshops are a great way for you to explore what Human Design is and how using your understanding of your own Human Design can empower you to show up as your best self and share from a place of confidence and strength.

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What's it like working together?

What would it be like to have a business coach listening to you, helping you extract your own genius by tapping into your own authority using Human Design? All while supporting the exploration process, helping you create amazing strategies that grow your business on your terms. When we work together I serve as your guide, helping you go deeper, and be more vulnerable to uncover what transformation you need now.  


Nice to meet you! I'm Stef


For 40 years I chased the perfect standard (even when it only existed in my head) and followed all the rules to win the attention and affection of those around me. I have denied and suppressed much of who I am throughout the years because I wasn't wired like others -- so I tried to mimic others in my behavior and actions. As a great student I followed the teachings of others continually searching for the golden answer that would give me the life I desired. But none of it offered a long-term solution because I was never in full alignment with who I am designed to be. God created me here and now in history, with these skills and abilities, and my denial of that put me out of alignment. How about you?