"Just had my strategy call with Stef and it was a total game changer in my mindset on presenting the value and what my true selling points are. Thank you for helping me grow."

Marketing yourself like a big business wastes time and money. There's a better way!

We are so conditioned to think about marketing the way big companies operate. But you are one person and we should celebrate that and create your marketing using what only you can do -- personal connection!

The most valuable thing you can do as an individual is build your business by tapping into your authority and energetic power to connect with people with a clear intention. 

Authority + Energy + Intention = Your Marketing Strategy

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Marketing your business is all about the authority and energy you connect with.

When you show up with authority and share your confident energy, your ideal people will be attracted to you.

They will ask to work with you. But first, they have to know you exist. That's why marketing your personal service-based business needs to focus on making connections - as many direct and personable connections as you can. 

How can you get more clients? Develop your attraction factor.

Attraction happens when you connect with your authority and energy that people crave. It's just like dating. When you sit at home avoiding meeting people because you are too wrapped up in how you should show up and what you will say, you're never going to make a connection. But when you learn how to acknowledge your own strengths and use them to create value, you radiate from a place of authority that attracts people to you.

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Claim your authority and improve how you engage in conversation, messaging, and on video

Are you willing to say what needs to be said without holding back? 

So many times, I find clients stressed over what to say and how to say it. When it's really about how you show up to connect with your ideal clients, saying what they've been waiting to hear.

We will help you honor your authority and show up in your unique way -- as only you can. We will use your Human Design chart to help guide this conversation (don't worry...I will teach it to you very simply).

"Stefanie, you seriously have no idea how much I love you. Thank you. I'm so grateful for you!"

Build your business from the inside out by elevating your energy

Are you excited to do your work and grow your business? Or are you dropping into overwhelm and confusion, doubting your efforts? Your energy impacts how you attract clients to you. How is the energy you are working with?

Additionally, your energy either attracts or repels clients. People want to be around positive, engaging souls who inspire and challenge them. We will help you strengthen your energy naturally by tapping into your aligned power.  

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"Holy crap that was a growth experience. Thank you for challenging me in this way. Aye aye aye!!! So many emotions."

Set a clear intention for your success so you can align with the universe to create your desire

Do you know what result you are trying to create for your business

You'll be able to supersize your results when you create more focus and clarity in your business. This is a game changer when you set a focused intention that you can begin manifesting with the universe.

Don't know how to do that (yet)? Fear not, I provide coaching and training on Universal Law to help you manifest in your business. This is better than any marketing plan, as this is about opening up the unlimited possibilities available to you. 


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"Such amazing feedback from the team about you, Stef. I love seeing them so motivated and happy. You were a much-needed addition to this entire team."

Let's create your personal marketing strategy

Stop throwing money at marketing in an attempt to create clients and instead focus on using your own strategy and authority to attract clients. In our strategy session, we will deep dive into your business, energy, Human Design profile, developing your personal strategy for connecting with your target audience. This is all unique to Y-O-U!

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