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Feeling frustrated & resistant in your life? 

Let's answer a few questions to see where you stand:

  • Will you give yourself permission to live your life full of self-worth simply because God created you, exactly as you are? 
  • Will you allow yourself to express yourself and use your strengths and gifts without falling into comparison or suppression? 
  • Do you desire more in your life? 

It's not too late to make a shift, but the longer you wait the more you give up, and often the harder it becomes to change. 

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How to niche down and become a master at being Y-O-U

Three steps to stop falling victim to other people's standards and start living life on your terms 

Awareness & Acceptance 

Grant Yourself Permission

Embrace and Embody Your Worth

How you can live life on your terms

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Do you truly love the life you've created for yourself?

Too often I meet women, just like me, who have let others influence how they choose to live out their life. They made decisions based on what:

  • pleased other people
  • was expected of them 
  • they thought they "should" do
  • others were doing (comparison)
  • their kids or spouse needed
  • their parents desired 
  • a past version of themself decided 
  • degree or career-path they had 
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Stop trying to do it like someone else...

You are worthy to start living life fully YOU


How you can improve your results almost instantly!

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How can you get more out of life – achieving your dreams and enjoying yourself?

Transform your life by acknowledging who you are, accepting your design, and giving yourself permission to live as a worthy God-driven woman who lives life to the fullest by aligning to her strengths and passions. No more mediocre existence trying to be like someone else or meet someone's expectations (real or imagined). 


Nice to meet you! I'm Stef


For 40 years I chased the perfect standard (even when it only existed in my head) and followed all the rules to win the attention and affection of those around me. I have denied and suppressed much of who I am throughout the years because I wasn't wired like others -- so I tried to mimic others in my behavior and actions. As a great student I followed the teachings of others continually searching for the golden answer that would give me the life I desired. But none of it offered a long-term solution because I was never in full alignment with who I am designed to be. God created me here and now in history, with these skills and abilities, and my denial of that put me out of alignment. How about you? 

Hear my story and see if you can relate