Custom marketing services without the high-end expense

What if there was a better way to launch and promote your new business without draining your savings and profits by outsourcing to an expensive consultant? Now there is -- The Marketing Club with Stefanie Edwards.

Over the years, I have witnessed multiple new businesses hiring expensive consultants and handing over the reigns of their business, because they don't know any other way to grow. So often they end up over-spending and exhausting themselves before they even get their campaigns up and running. Then they have to give up or go into debt. This cycle is broken and needs to stop.

There is a better way to help you launch your business. With my 20 years of experience, I can help you develop your strategy and build your essential resources without overwhelming your budget. You can have me on retainer for just $97 per month -- helping you answer your questions, plan your strategy, and build out your resources. 

Enjoy a Live Training Workshop

Every month I host a live workshop in which I take a client through the process of creating a strategy or component for their business. You watch me live complete the work and learn from the process. Each workshop participant gets the blueprint to create in your own business. 

Workshops are two hours long, include the blueprint and recordings for just $45. 

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Join The Marketing Club for Weekly Help

What would it be like to have access to me three times a week to answer any of your marketing questions as they arise? You can ask me about strategy, how to set up your Kajabi, how to set up your funnel, and more. I will be live on zoom once a week so you can ask questions. This is like having a professional marketer on retainer! 

Get full access for just $97 per month

Join The Marketing Club

Schedule your Marketing Intensive

When you are ready to get some serious work done on your business you can book a marketing intensive. And in one week you will have a complete project developed out. We will work on strategy and build out a done-with-you project for your business. We will arrange a custom plan during our consult. Reserve your complimentary consult now. 

Marketing Intensives are $5,000 with results delivered within one week!

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Get live marketing help every week!

Just starting out and have questions?

If you're not ready to hire a consultant yet or don't know which direction to go, join me in The Marketing Club. 

You can have access to my super skills – strategy, brainstorming, content development, and coaching – every single week. It's like having me on retainer to help you with your marketing without the high price tag! 

Get full access now for just $97/month

The Next Live Workshop: December 10th 

How to create a 5-day challenge 

You will come away from this workshop with the framework for what to do to create your own challenge 

How to set up the logistics of a challenge using Kajabi 

When to upsell and how to promote during your challenge 

And more! 

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For new online business owners and coaches

Three steps to growing your reach

Marketing can be simple. Just rinse and repeat. 

Pick your focus

What are you focused on doing and who are you focused on serving? Bottom line: What problem do you solve for this person? What value do you create that they need help with? 

Think about what you do really well. Think about what you have learned and overcome. What did you need back when you were still figuring it out?

Choose Your Method

One of the quickest ways to burn out in promoting your new business is trying to do it like someone else instead of picking a way that you acutally want to do. The next burnout comes from not commiting to your method and continually changing and seeking new ways to promote. Marketing takes time to get going but once it does you can reap momentum for years to come. The key is staying the course.

Keep Going 

Marketing your business will be the most effective when you are consistent in your approach and frequency. If you only pop in occasionally, your results will suffer. If you are changing your messaging, approach, and offer frequently, no one will attach to what you are doing.

Stay committed to your focus and method and keep going. Just rinse and repeat with fail.