You are the business.

So let's focus on building your ability to thrive as you deliver value to your clients.

With 21 years of marketing experience, the #1 thing my clients come to me seeking is an answer for HOW they can get more clients.

But yet, it's not another marketing strategy that is going to get you into momentum and growing -- it's your personal readiness and commitment that will attract the clients to you. 

When YOU ARE the business, you need a unique launch plan that caters to your personal growth 

Exclusively for you when YOU ARE the business

Join the 90 Day Commitment to Launching Your Personal Business

Daily Action Steps • Accountability • Manifestation • Emotional Healing • Marketing   

Month 1

When you are the business, launching can be highly triggering as your emotional insecurities and fears come up to keep you from taking action. 

Kicking off your 90 Day Commitment we focus in on your existing limits and work on the inner work and healing to get you ready to launch without resistance.

You will also discover your manifestation patterns and start understanding how you possess the power to create the business you desire.  

Month 2

We continue with all the great progress and breakthroughs from month one and start focusing on your clear offer to your ideal client. 

You will be guided step-by-step on setting up your first (or next) lead magnet and funnel to build your email list on automation. 

Every step is demonstrated in the daily video so you know exactly what to do -- even if you have no tech experience. 

You will have a funnel completed by the end of the month.

Month 3

At this stage you have completed 60 days of inner emotional work with daily subconscious reflections (provided for you) and daily committed actions steps to boost your well-being and business. 

In month three we focus on how you will connect and share your incredible value with others. 

You'll have an action plan for creating content so you can share via video and social media to promote yourself and your offer with consistency. 

Every day for 90 days you will know what you are doing and what actions to take to put you in momentum. 

All with unlimited Voxer support to support you and keep you accountable 

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Free Resource: 100 Point Tracker

Are you staying accountable to do what you said you would? 

Keep track of the actions you are taking and the progress you are making. Accountability is one of the best ways to grow into who you need to be to have what you want to have.

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What's missing from your launch plan?

When you are the business, you don't need yet another marketing strategy to try to earn money. If you are going to be successful as a business service provider (coach, healer, creator, etc.) you have to be prepared to do the inner work to set your intention, trust yourself, and stay committed to the growth that needs to happen in you first and simultaneously with your profit earnings.

The laws of the universe protect you from attracting what you are not ready to handle. This 90-day Commitment is a journey to help you become ready to serve as a valuable asset to your clients. 

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Why Manifestation Matters

Are you passionate about living your best life?

One way or another we are all manifesting. Whether on purpose or unaware, whether positive or negative we are creating the results we have in our lives. 

Because I am committed to living the rest of my life on purpose, I am determined to manifest better results and strive for my full potential. 

How does that sound for you?

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“I must say you have opened my eyes truly to what manifesting is about - especially when it comes to being as specific as possible. I am trying to do better!”

 - Tyler, past student

Thank you also for the kind words regarding my career path. I’m very excited. That’s why I fully understand your position regarding only taking a select type of client. Unless a client is ready and willing to accept responsibility for themselves and their performance they cannot be coached.

 - Jen, past student

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all your kind words and encouragement on my work. I really do appreciate it. I try to put my best work out there in everything I do and your validation and encouragement is tremendously appreciated.”

 - John, past student

Again, thanks for the quick feedback, it settles my nerves. Also, thanks for being real, to the point, and not beating around the bush.

  - Andrew, past student

I appreciate all the guidance and relevant information you have provided throughout this training. I seriously plan to utilize the tips and strategies I have learned as I moved forward. It is clear you are passionate about this field, and that passion made this very enjoyable. I also appreciated the sincerity of your devotionals.

 - Alison, past student

Show yourself evidence of what is possible

Start tracking your progress

When you begin keeping track of your actions, achievements, and gratitudes -- of all sizes, you start to flex your trust muscle and prove to yourself what you are really capable of. 

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Thoughts on what's holding you back

The blog is a great place to start noticing what is getting in your way of launching your coaching business. Like all my teachings, the blog is practical and story-based so you can understand it with ease and apply it immediately. 

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