Everyone has a competitive advantage. Are you using yours to attract clients?

You are the business.  People say "yes or no" to you. 

So it only makes sense that you have a plan to

Grow your business by being more Y-O-U


People say yes or no to working with you based on your personality, skills, experience, and the way you make them feel when they talk to you. 

With that in mind, the best way to grow your coaching business is to show up authentically Y-O-U, serving as only you can to the specific set of clients who feel connected to you.

How should you build your business?

Create an offer built around what matters to your ideal clients so you clearly address their problem(s) and offer them a solution that really works. No one else can make this offer the way you do because no one else is just like Y-O-U.

What will it take to be a success?

Package your services in a way that highlights your connection to your clients and demonstrates your authority. All the clients I have worked with create businesses that attract clients a lot like them – just a few stages ago.

Because you are connecting with people as an individual, not as a brand.

Since you have been where your clients are, you can understand their pain, struggles, situation, etc. There is tremendous value in this personal connection. And that's something a brand can't quite compete with. Nor can anyone else, because no one is uniquely wired with the same personality, skills, and life experiences you have. 

When you really OWN who you are and the value you have to offer, this is what “sells” you as a trusted coach.

Stefanie Edwards :: Weight Loss Commitment Coach

Your strategy session will help you align with your values 

I have met dozens of coaches who have been trying to grow a coaching business in a way that wasn’t aligned with their desires.

One of the most common trends amongst my clients are coaches who say their niche is weight loss, but upon doing their strategy session, we discover their real passion is an entirely different topic.

They didn’t even want to coach on weight loss, but just thought that was the easiest way to launch their business.

Can you relate?


This is why you need a personal strategy for your coaching business

During our strategy session, you will uncover your passion, define your strengths, and make decisions on how you want to show up and take action to grow your business.

Using my 22+ years of business marketing experience, I will create a plan for you to launch or grow your business with clear messaging, content focus, and strategic offers and income plans.

Everything I help you “map out” is based on you.

Because you are the business.

Stefanie Edwards :: Weight Loss Commitment Coach
Stefanie Edwards :: Weight Loss Commitment Coach

More benefits of having a focused and customized action plan for your business:

Make better use of your "work" days with focused tasks built around what works for you and your time commitments 

Decide on a clear path for growing your business that is based on your interests, experience

Have a monthly and yearly plan for your business income and know what you need to be doing each month to stay accountable to your goal 

 Are you multi-passionate and have different talents? 

The goal of our strategy sessions is to create a business model that feels aligned with your strengths as you serve others in a way that delivers exceptionally unique and valuable coaching. 

One thing I have learned with age and experience, is that there is no-one-size-fits-all approach to life. We all have different needs, backgrounds, experiences, etc. This can work to your advantage when growing your coaching business if you know how to interlock your specialities and serve them as a unique solution.

I had one client who was trained as a life coach, hypnotist, and could guide her clients to connect with their past lives. Her approach to weight loss coaching was different than another client who also did weight loss but from a more traditional tracking and moderation approach. 


Stefanie Edwards Weight Loss Commitment Coach

Release the one-size-fits all model and

Design your business around YOU!

Imagine a plan built just for you

Lots of programs give you a step-by-step guide to grow your business following their model. If that's what you're into, have at it. What I offer is a customized strategy built exclusively for you, around your desires and needs. 

We outline how your business will operate, what you will focus your time on, how you will attract new clients, and what you will continue to do to support your personal growth as a coach. 

Step 1: Reserve Your Consult

This is our time to meet and review your business. We will discuss your current needs and determine if moving forward with a strategy session or package is a good fit for you and we are an aligned match. 

Consult fee: $100
Applies to any offer you purchase if you become a client. Refundable if I cannot serve you further. 

Schedule a time to talk

Step 2: Strategy Session

We work together on Zoom for 4-5 hours discussing your business, strategizing your focus and building your offer and action plan. This time together is one of the most rewarding you will ever give your business as you finally get clear on what you are doing, how you are serving, what income potential you can achieve this year, and what action steps you need to take next to make it all happen. 

Step 3: Action Plan 

After our strategy session you will receive a customized written plan that includes a summary of the decisions made during the strategy session and follow-up action plans you can follow -- including content creation, lead gen, marketing, etc. 

If you pick the support option, we will review this plan together over the course of one month to keep you accountable and in action.

Can I  make money just being myself?

This is the question a coach asked me on a consult. She had been making six-figures per year in her coaching business but shut it all down when she burnt out because she didn't feel aligned with the direction.

When you are the business, it is vital you feel both aligned and supported by your business focus.

Our strategy session extracts your true passion and shows how it is possible to make money being authentic to who you are and the message you desire to share. 

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And I'm a passionate idea generator. I made up that term because it explains what I do best -- come up with valuable ideas. Another phrase I identify with is business strategist. 


I built my consulting business to work direct with you -- because you are the business. 

I've taken my 22+ years of business marketing, content creation, and collegiate teaching experience and distilled it all down into my unique process for helping independent business owners -- the solo coach and consult -- develop a game plan for growing or transforming their business. 

Early in my career as a corporate marketer I discovered my love for working on smaller teams so I could be in direct contact with the owner or president. That's because I thrive with decisiveness and direct communication. If you like someone who can help you focus and hold you accountable while advising you through the decisions that need to be made -- I could be the right strategist to support you.

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